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Cash for Gold

Trade in Your Unwanted Gold

Do you have unwanted or broken gold and silver jewellery that you want to sell? We offer excellent rates in exchange for your gold and silver jewellery. Follow the steps below to sell you gold or silver jewellery.

We will buy and gold or silver jeweller. Unfortunately, we do not buy gold/silver plated jewellery or any precious stones that are part or attached to the jewellery.

Step 1 - Contact Us

Send us an email asking for a form to sell your jewellery to us. Once you have completed the form you can then send your gold jewellery to us.

Step 2 - We Give you an Offer

Once we receive your gold or silver jewellery we will inspect it and call you the same day with our offer for your gold or silver jewellery. 

Step 3 - Get Your Money

Once you have received an offer from us for your gold or silver jewellery, if you accept our offer we will pay you by bank transfer on the same day. If you are not happy with our offer and would rather not sell, we will send your gold or silver back to you for no charge.

It's that simple. So what are you waiting for, contact us now to sell your gold and silver jewellery.

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